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Just like games are meant to be played, shoes are meant to be played in. With that insight, we launched “Never Played Out," a brand partnership campaign with adidas celebrating Xbox’s 20th anniversary. However, this was much more than your standard shoe drop. Our aim: inspire action and move culture.

We did it by breaking the most important rule of shoe drops: actually wearing the shoes. We ditched the polish and pristine and showed the shoes at play in the real world.


Drop One
Kick. Push. Play. Xbox + adidas Originals Drop One combined a lowtop skateshoe with a colorway inspired by the original special edition Halo Xbox.

Looking at both brands' histories and their connections to play, one shoe wasn't going to cut it. So we decided to do two drops, with each it caturing a different era of play. 

Drop One was inspired by skate tapes of the early '00s when the OG Xbox stepped on the scene, while Drop 2 was influenced by the streetball mixtapes of the mid-00s when the 360 dropped.

It played out like a series of time capsules, shot and edited to feel like a piece of the history brought back to life — all in celebration of how play has changed over the past 20 years.

And with each grind and kickflip, dunk and behind-the-back (and yes, even across-the-map frags) we reaffirmed the message that both brands have always been played in, and how we do that is NEVER PLAYED OUT.


Drop two
Break ankles and turn heads with Drop Two.  An adidas Originals + Xbox shoe that brings together the sleek curves of the Xbox 360 with the clean lines of early 2000's high tops.

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