Who let the pigs out?


Every year, Minecraft hosts a live event on the platform that gives fans a taste of all the new features that will be rolling out over the next 365 days. In 2018, one such feature was interactive streaming on Mixer, which enabled viewers to actually drop items or generate all kinds of different mobs in the game they were viewing. Which meant Minecraft Steve was going to have to deal with all kinds of new surprises while he hunted for diamond gear. Surprises like, say, a metric crapload of pigs suddenly appearing around him in the game, courtesy of a mischievous Mixer watcher.

With that insight, we got to work and called the very best pig wranglers we know (it’s a surprisingly long list, actually) and created a film that brought interactive streaming on Mixer and Minecraft to life. The video ran during Minecraft Live, which was streamed to fans across the globe. And don’t worry—no pigs were harmed during the making of the video. The hardwood floors, on the other hand, had seen better days.


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