Wonka & Xbox

Power your sweet tooth

Xbox & Wonka pair up to power dreams of pure imagination.

For the release of the Wonka film, Hijinx helped Xbox and Warner Brothers (WB) craft wonderous artifacts and experiences that captured the magic of gaming, chocolate, and our wildest dreams. 

Case study

A centerpiece fit for a confectioner.

At the heart of the partnership: a special Xbox Series X console modelled after Wonka’s iconic chocolate bar, and two controllers made with VERY different yet delightful purposes: one to eat, made from 100% chocolate, and one to game with, featuring the same color as Wonka's coat.

The console makes a grand entrance with a custom case design inspired by Wonka's storefront in the film, complete with columns filled with jars of delectably colorful candies.


Xbox, meet Chocolate Box.

Both controllers were set into limited-run (X)Boxes of Chocolates that came packed with treats, including a tremendous set of truffles, each with special ingredients inspired by the gaming experience.


Whether you’re a gamer seeking new adventures, a confectioner with a grand vision, or anyone with a dream, we showed that Xbox and Wonka can help take you there. Because like the film says, “Every good thing in this world started with a dream.” 


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