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Every NFL fan has seen the Microsoft Surface computers on the sidelines of games, but Microsoft came to us with a fresh challenge: create new cultural relevance for the Surface + NFL partnership and use it to hype the brand at the Super Bowl. To do it, we followed players off the field and into unexpected territory—showcasing how they use the Surface to supercharge personal passions, from photography to fashion. We showed that nobody is just one thing, and we illustrated how the Surface can help anyone set goals, achieve their dreams, and Make Believe Happen.

Making Make Believe Happen Happen

Make Believe Happen was born from months of strategy and planning. We needed a campaign that was focused enough to define the meaning of Make Believe Happen, but also flexible enough to be able to feature multiple athletes, passion projects, activations and more.

Engaging and Igniting NFL Fans

Instagram Stories, in-feed ads, and behind-the-scenes content featuring NFL players got fans aware of and involved in the campaign. For example, Todd Gurley proposed a challenge to fans: design clothing with a custom online app for a chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LII.

Going Big at the Big Game

A multifaceted brand activation during Super Bowl week in Atlanta allowed fans to engage in unique experiences spanning art, style, and music, all with the use of the Microsoft Surface. This event gave fans the opportunity to explore the side hustles of their favorite athletes, be creative, and showcase their own individual ability to Make Believe Happen.

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