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What do cognitive behavioral training and golf phenom Aaron Wise have in common? The answer is CBT Nuggets, an IT training and certification company that takes complex topics like "Managing AWS EFS with Python and PowerShell" and boils them down into tasty, nugget-sized virtual trainings that can be taken anywhere, at any time.

But what about Aaron Wise? CBT Nuggets had just become one of his sponsors, and a big PGA tournament was coming up, and someone at CBT Nuggets wondered aloud, "Wouldn't it be awesome if we did a broadcast ad with Aaron that runs during the tourney?" Yeah, CBT Nuggets, it would be awesome. And it was.

But it took some work. First, we needed an insight that was true to Aaron Wise and golf as well as CBT Nuggets. What's interesting is that while both golf and virtual learning are mostly solo experiences, both pro golfer and IT pro are supported by larger teams. Golfers have caddies, trainers, sports psychologists, and more. IT professionals learning with CBT Nuggets are backed by a network of licensed instructors and fellow students, all experts in their field. And thus, an ad was born.

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