Cheetah vs. Showtyme

The fastest men on turf compete in a social challenge

Wearable sports tracking technology is a crowded space, but LaceClips has an opportunity to stand out with its unique way of capturing activity.

While its competitors focus on generic, tech-forward campaigns, LaceClips stood out with a campaign focused on a simple emotional insight: athletes (and their fans) love to compete.

So in the weeks leading up to the 2022 showdown between Miami and Green Bay, we played up the competitive spirit between two LaceClips athletes: Tyreek Hill and Aaron Jones, and challenged fans to join in and pick a side.

Can you catch Team Cheetah?

To get young athletes and future pros hyped about joining the LaceClips team, the campaign came to life on Tyreek Hill’s and Aaron Jones's social channels to excite their fans, share their LC stats, and invite fans to join their teams on the LaceClips app.


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