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Legendary filmmaker Jim Jarmusch famously said, “Nothing is original.” We couldn't agree more. So to bring Microsoft Surface and its brand ethos “Original by design” to life, we embraced the gray area between originality and inspiration. We did so by partnering two creators from different walks of life, and two very different ways of expressing their creativity, and encouraged them to borrow heavily from one another. The end result? A surreal campaign that elevates creativity and explores what’s possible when creativity and inspiration are equally encouraged and celebrated.

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The campaign features collaborations between two pairs of creators from different sides of the creative coin. One couple highlights what happens when you match extreme sports adaptive athlete Kiana Clay with mind-bending content creator Fernando Livschitz. The other pairing forges a bond between pro drift driver Collete Davis who expresses her creativity in RPMs and plumes of smoke while her partner, cache bunny, takes video editing and motion graphics to unheard-of levels.

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