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Dairy Farmers of Washington

The dairy farmers of Washington State have a story to tell that’s richer than a tub of Edaleen ice cream: the lush river valleys where the milk comes from, the ethical and environmentally responsible way that it’s produced, and of course the exceptional taste and all that it brings to food.

But with new competitors with big advertising budgets creeping into their space trying to replace real dairy (we’re looking at you soybeans and almonds!), it’s never been more important for Washington dairy farmers to keep their locally produced products top of mind. On the web, on social media, on the streets, and even on the open water, we drive home the benefits of real Washington dairy.


From Washington, for Washington

We showed Washington consumers that local dairy isn’t only an important—and tasty—part of everyday nutrition, but an iconic part of the state. The out-of-home campaign appeared all over Seattle and throughout Washington and boosted brand preference from 62% to 68% in just 6 months.


Building greener online pastures for dairy farmers

We created a clean, user-friendly, mobile-optimized web experience where Washington consumers could see how dairy positively impacts their communities. The site features information for farmers, a DFW brand video, and continuously updated content.

All screens for ice cream

Washingtonians spend upwards of 5 hours a day looking at a screen, specifically mobile ones. We capitalized on this with a top-notch digital marketing strategy, leveraging our campaign through a ramped-up social media presence that included boosted Facebook content, a shiny new Instagram, and enough sweet content for both that highlights our heroes—the farmers and their products.


When it comes to local dairy, tasting is believing. All we had to do was get consumers to try a sip, slice, or scoopful and let the flavor do the rest. We created and sponsored events specifically to entertain millennial audiences and highlight Washington’s incredible dairy products.

Bessie on the Barge

For National Dairy Month, we said goodbye to traditional marketing and capitalized on a local phenomenon: the waterfront Solstice Festival. We built Bessie, a 30-foot-tall inflatable Holstein, that got local folks busy talking during one of the month’s busiest events.


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